About Recro Populus

Welcome to Recro Populus!

We believe in giving candidates a superior job search experience, which in turn also provides employers the best-fit applicants for their jobs. Using our bespoke profiling matching system, we help jobseekers find the right position for them, and employers find the perfect candidate.

What is Recro Populus?

Recro Populus is a simple job search engine that helps match the right candidate with the right employer. Job seeking can be a pain with so many platforms out there. With Recro Populus, it’s simple, clean and easy to use. We utilise a profile matching system that removes the fluff of bad recommendations and only links the right candidates to the right job.

Why do we do it?

We know how dejecting, stressful and uncertain job searching can be. So many platforms out there forget about the people behind the screens. We don’t. We know that finding the correct job or the correct candidate is vital not only for productivity, but for overall wellbeing too.

When did Reco Populus begin?

Recro Populus founder, John McDonough, has been in the industry of helping people get the life and career they want for over two decades. He created Recro Consulting in 2009 after noticing a gap in the employability and recruitment sector. Setting out to showcase and increase people’s potential and to reduce unemployment figures, John put together ‘The Life You Want ©’ a personal breakthrough, motivation and employment programme, supporting the long term unemployed. It changes people’s lives, switches their lights on and gives them the tools to get the life and career they want.

“We know how important confidence, aspiration and motivation is and help people understand and develop emotional intelligence as well as understand how recruitment really works.

Being able to understand different perspectives is really important in successful recruitment and is key to a happy and successful hire and career.”

Now Recro Populus is here to take our work one step further by not only helping people with their development but also to get going on the right journey.

What does Recro Populus mean?

Recro is latin for recreate, restore, revive and Populus means people. Simply put we aimed to help people be the best they can be and to get the best career for them.